South Africa

Where the Wild Things Are Pt.2

Where the Wild Things Are Pt.2

Bush Legends   The Greater Honey Guide is a small bird living in sub-Saharan Africa that is said to guide people to wild honey. The tradition advises that when the bird guides you to the bees’ nest, you must share some honey and larva with your it, otherwise next...

Where the Wild Things Are Pt. 1

Where the Wild Things Are Pt. 1

Pafuri ReturnAfrica Camp   The Pafuri camp is unique in many ways. Set between the Limpopo and the Luvuvhu rivers, along South Africa’s northeastern frontier with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, the concession attracts masses of wildlife. While comprising only about 1%...

VR Travel to South Africa

Sunset over the Indian Ocean


Travel to the the African coastline and join me to watch the sun set into the Indian ocean.

This VR clip is slightly longer, to give you the time to settle in and relax. Breathe the sea air and enjoy a peaceful end to your day.  


Swim with Dolphins in Virtual Reality


Join me on an ocean safari and swim with dolphins in the deep blue, Indian Ocean. Watch a mother and pup play and a pod dolphins swim right by you. This virtual reality video was shot in Tofo, Mozambique.

Music by Alex Cruz.


Virtual Reality Road-trip through African Country


Travel to the the African countryside and join us for a virtual reality ride in the back of a pick-up truck.

Watch the Mozambican landscape – blue skies, green palm-trees and houses swoosh by. Wave hi to locals and enjoy the wind in your hair! 



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