Ponta Dundo – a Gem of the Indian Ocean

Ponta Dundo, and its equally radiant neighbour Pansy Island, are probably the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Baking-soda-white sands, set in radiating swirls of vivid blue of the Indian Ocean. Low-hanging blue skies and a sun that you can almost touch....

Benguerra and Beyond

An exquisite piece of paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, &Beyond Benguerra Island is a unique beach holiday destination perfect for a romantic getaway. It is situated on the second largest island in the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago, offering some of the...

My Bazaruto Fairy tale

Bazaruto Archipelago   Bazaruto Archipelago is a gem of the Indian Ocean that consists of five islands; Bazaruto, Benguera, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue. They lie about 20 km offshore, between Vilankulo in the south and Inhassoro in the northwest. Since...

Vilankulos – More than a Gateway to Paradise

Vilankulos - what's in a name?   Vilankulos is a costal town in the northern Mozambique province of Inhambane, sandwiched between Inhassoro, Massinga and the Indian Ocean. It was named after a local tribal chief Gamala Vilankulo Mukoke, but became known as...

Lake Poelela Resort, Mozambique

Lush Lake Poelela One thing no one told me before I came to Mozambique was how lush it is going to be. I felt my preconceived notions melt away, as we drove through the dense foliage towards Lake Poelela Resort, in Inharrime province. Cows with beautiful hides stand...

Matapa Cooking Class from Local Women

A Humble but Important Dish   Matapa is a mozambican staple, served in every household, restaurant and market stall in the land. It's virtually impossible to go out to eat, and not find Matapa on the menu. In fact, you can compare, and judge the cook, by the...

Weekend in Barra, Mozambique

To Barra in the Back of a Pick-up Since coming to Mozambique, I started wearing less and going out more. Much more. Why not? The weather is beautiful, the beer is cold and eating out costs as much as cooking at home (and requires none of the effort). To take a break...

From Chelsea to Tofo Beach

Maputo to Tofo We’re driving up from Maputo to Tofo, some 550 Km away, with the engine growling and the wind whistling through the open windows. There is a big crack across the windscreen (a totally normal occurrence here) and a dolphin key ring swinging off the rear...

VR Travel to Mozambique

Dhow Cruise Dancing

Travel to Mozambique and enjoy the setting sun as you sail down a river with me and my friends in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Walk on the Beach


Travel to Mozambique and join me for a virtual walk on the beach in Tofo. Hear the waves of the Indian Ocean splashing as you look around to see fellow travelers enjoying a walk in the setting sun.


Sunset over the Indian Ocean


Travel to the the African coastline and join me to watch the sun set into the Indian ocean.

This VR clip is slightly longer, to give you the time to settle in and relax. Breathe the sea air and enjoy a peaceful end to your day.  


Swim with Dolphins in Virtual Reality


Join me on an ocean safari and swim with dolphins in the deep blue, Indian Ocean. Watch a mother and pup play and a pod dolphins swim right by you. This virtual reality video was shot in Tofo, Mozambique.

Music by Alex Cruz.


Virtual Reality Road-trip through African Country


Travel to the the African countryside and join us for a virtual reality ride in the back of a pick-up truck.

Watch the Mozambican landscape – blue skies, green palm-trees and houses swoosh by. Wave hi to locals and enjoy the wind in your hair! 


Dhow Cruise Sundowners


Travel down an estuary in southern Mozambique. Join me and my friends on a dhow  – a boat that is entirely hand-made and has no engine.

In this virtual reality tour, you will see the sun setting over the water and hear the wind, our chatter and an acapela rendition of Sia’s Chandelier.


Dune Boarding at Anantara Bazaruto


In this virtual reality video, you will visit the luxurious Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and head to the sand dunes to try dune boarding. Experience the wilderness of the desert!

If you’re watching it in goggles, I recommend sitting down as there is a lot of movement.



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