Lazy Sailing in Mallorca – How to Charter a Yacht and What to Pack

Lazy Sailing in Mallorca – How to Charter a Yacht and What to Pack

I have vacation paralysis.
I can’t bear doing anything that resembles work, I am not in the mood to chat to anyone, and the traffic outside is making me dizzy.
This time yesterday, I was on a yacht, sailing through the crystal blue waters off the coast of Mallorca and drinking cocktails straight from a pineapple.
Today I am back in the grind and can’t seem to get my bearings straight.
Take. Me. Back.


La Isla Bonita – A truly Spanish Holiday

Tapas on a yacht

My trip to Mallorca was not much in the sense of eventfulness or discovery, and yet, it felt so authentically Spanish.

I landed in Palma on Friday, exhausted from a three hour flight delay. I was relieved to find a friendly driver waiting for me in the arrivals hall. Sweating from a two minute walk, I climbed into the cool taxi.

We cruised through the still, midnight countryside towards my friend’s boat, anchored in Colonia de Saint Jordi. Three days later, I ordered the same taxi back to Palma airport.

I didn’t see Mallorca. We didn’t even go Pacha, which was on the beach in front of us. So what did we do then?

Well, we woke up when we pleased, had peaceful breakfasts, enjoyed long swims, and had slow, boozy lunches which were followed by siestas.

Siesta on a yacht

These were followed by more long swims, basking in the sun, and concluded in long, boozy dinners. The Captain, an exquisite cook, spoiled our taste buds with delicious paella, decadent lobster pasta and fresh tapas.

We sat around sipping cocktails, talking about love, books, and spirituality.

At dusk, we snuggled up in blankets, watching stars pop like popcorn across the darkening sky.

Our total indulgence was punctuated by a move of the boat to another bay, a few lazy attempts at water sports, and some uncommitted reading.

Paddleboarding in Mallorca
Paddleboarding in Mallorca

I struggled to unwind on day one.

On day three, after I hadn’t checked my emails, the time, or the next thing on my to-do list, I found myself sleeping face-down on an inflatable ride-on, as the waves splashed gently about me.  The wind cooed in my ear and the sun poured over my salty skin. I probably, no, I most definitely, drooled.

Girls lunching on a yacht

Happy Birthday, Marianne!

Our total indulgence was punctuated by a move of the boat to another bay, a few lazy attempts at water sports, and some uncommitted reading.

Girl wakeboarding on a yacht

She Sells Seasalt on the Seashore of Ses Salines

Ses Salines gets its name from the salt lakes which dabble the arid landscape, and salt is still extracted here using traditional methods. Apart from its annual festival in the honour of salt, Colonia de Saint Jordi in Ses Salines appears to also boast some of the most pristine beaches on the island.

As Mistral was on the forecast, we anchored in the bay of Es Trenc. This is one of the busier beaches, but is sheltered, so it’s perfect for swimming, paddle boarding and hiding away from tempestuous winds. The water is a bright turquoise and the sand is white and soft. You get great views of the sunrise, sunset, passing super-yachts and the Cabrera Archipelago.  Oh, it is also a popular destination with nudists, so watch out for photo-bombs.

Otherwise, you feel like you could be in the Caribbean.

Girl surfing on a beach
Girl on a yacht
Girl surfing on beach

Yachting – What to pack?


If you’re planning a boat trip and wondering what to pack, here’s my list put together from 20+ years of sailing. No really, my parents would strap me to the mast and sail out into the Black Sea when I was three years old.

Seriously. There are pictures.

Soft-sided bags

As storage space on boats is limited, and hard-sided bags can scratch the leather and wood trim, leave these at home. I’m a huge fan of Longchamp for their quality and durability.  Customize yours for ultimate chic!

Bikinis and swimsuits

Pack a bunch! You will be constantly swimming, so you want a dry pair to change into.

Paraben-free toiletries

Safer for us and kinder to our planet! Phyto haircare is my favourite, and they also have a suncare collection!

Tip: Save water by first washing your hair in the sea, and giving yourself a final rinse with still water.

Cover ups and clothing

Keep these light so they dry quickly.

A fleece or light sweater

For chilly evenings.


One that sits tight and won’t fly off with the first gust of wind!

Earplugs and night-mask

If you’re a light sleeper like me, these are a must.  Crew and kids have a tendency to wake up early, and unless you’re on a mega-yacht, they will literally be walking over you.

Waterproof camera / GoPro

Check if these are provided, and remember, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.


Not that kind. I mean inflatables and snorkels etc.


If you’re going as a group, it’s convenient and cheaper to buy group-sized bottles of sunscreen and after-sun lotion on arrival.

Meds and plasters

Think anything from upset tummy to cuts and burns.

A good attitude!

Remember, you’re in a confined space. Be helpful and patient with your fellow yachtsmen.

Fill your favourite soft-bag with everything you want to bring, then take out half.


The most common mistake packing for a boat trip is bringing too much stuff! Yachting is actually very casual, so you don’t need many clothes and accessories.

Unless, you’re going to Yacht Week. In which case, read this article from The Blonde Abroad.

How to charter a yacht without breaking the bank


Reading this and wondering how to get yourself on a yacht? I feel you!

In which case, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Chartering a yacht doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


This is a boat brokerage service which allows you to charter yachts around the world at a discount.

They are friendly and helpful, and will try to find something to fit your budget!

You can thank me later as you’re sailing out into the sunset, sipping a piña colada.

Word of warning: When attempting sexy dives from the boat, make sure to make up your mind about how you want to hit the water BEFORE you jump..

Girl dive from yacht
Girl dive from yacht
Girl dive from yacht
Girl dive from yacht

Adios, Amigos!

Isn’t there something magical about sailing? I would love to one day have a sailing boat and go around the world! Until then, it seems, I have to re-learn to cope with life on shore and look forward to my next getaway.

But how wonderful it would be, to live in this state of permanent voyage?

A Bientôt!

The Frugal Hedonist
*Special thanks to the Sloutsky family and crew for an unforgettable holiday! xxx
Girl jumping from Yacht

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