While a rented car and public transport, seem to be the most frequent ways for travelers to get around, I strongly believe nothing can be better than a scooter. My personal favourite is a Vespa and here are 5 reasons why you need one when traveling abroad.

1/ Avoid Traffic


Anyone who’s been to the South of France knows what a nightmare it is to get around. The tiny streets are choked with a mix of  buses, bumped up little french cars and your odd Rolls Royce bearing Russian number plates. Forget trying to get anywhere around rush hour, and definitely don’t try to get into or out of Monaco at the beginning or the end of an big event weekend. On a Vepsa, however, you get to zoom past all the frustrated drivers as the wind blows in your hair. Yes, haters gonna hate.

2/ Parking


Another frequent problem is finding parking, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. On a Vespa, you can find parking quickly and easily. Most places have a designated parking spot for bikes. Free parking is another bonus!

3/ Access Hard-to-access Areas


If you like to explore places off the beaten path, you will often find cars unhelpful in getting there. The beauty of being on a bike is that you can often get much closer to your destination. It’s just as true in the cities, where popular restaurants and cafes are impossible to get to by car (because of a lack of parking), which forces you to leave your car miles away and walk. On a Vespa you can arrive at the door. In style.

4/ Arrive in Style


Speaking of style, nothing says chique like a red vespa. If you’re a lady, you’re going to have to learn how to hop on and off that thing gracefully (takes a few tries before you nail it), but nothing should stop you from rocking heels and a dress while riding a bike. It’s all very Vanessa Paradis.


5/ Save on Fuel


When you’re traveling on a budget every little counts. While fuelling up a small car can set you back anything from 50 to 70 Euros in Europe, a full tank on a Vespa with a good engine will cost you under 10 EUR. Wouldn’t you rather spend the difference on visiting museums, trying local cuisines and eating your body weight in ice cream? I would.


Experience riding a Vespa through South of France in 360º

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