Eco-Lodge Off the Radar

As I sat on a speedboat racing down the Amazon river back towards Iquitos, I felt a profound sadness.

Lost in the roar of the engine, I suddenly felt an urge to jump out into the river and swim back to the tranquillity of the Eco-lodge where we had stayed.

Amazon Jungle

Five days earlier, as I set off to the jungle, I was looking forward to catching a break from emails, social media and the constant push and pull of notifications.

We all know that we’re too attached to our devices. But as with all bad habits, knowing that you have one and quitting it are two different things.

In the jungle though, you go cold turkey on your phone. There’s no signal. Nada. Want a bar? Hang off a tree. But do you really want to be that guy?

Amazon Jungle

Arriving at the Lodge

Once we arrived at Eco-lodge, we were welcomed with a glass of fresh camu camu juice and an introduction to the way of life around the here.

amazon eco-lodge
amazon eco-lodge

The Eco-lodge is built as a network of cabins on the banks of the Amazon river, and operates in a minimum-impact fashion. There is a generator that works to supply electricity during set hours of the day. Outside of those hours, you sink into the eternal hum of the jungle.

With my useless phone and laptop locked up safely away from me, I was able to immerse myself in the beauty of my surroundings.

amazon eco-lodge
amazon eco-lodge

The individual cabins stand on slits in the typical architectural style of the Amazon jungle.

During the rainy season, the river rises up to 10 metres, flooding the banks, and turning the Eco-lodge into a sort of tropical Venice. This area of the jungle is known as várzea (flooded forests).

The lodge also has a pet macaw, named Pedro.

Pedro sits up in the thatched roofs and greets you with Ola! as you walk by.

Occasionally he will join your table in the dinning room and graciously allow you to feed him pieces of fresh fruit.

He is also a massive poser.

amazon eco-lodge

The Rooms

The rooms of the Eco-lodge are furbished with dark, carved wood from the jungle. There is a big rattan fan over the bed, which only works during generator-hours. The back of the room has a hammock area, which faces the jungle through a huge net. This is as close as you can get to sleeping in the jungle without being devoured by mosquitoes.

amazon eco-lodge
amazon eco-lodge
amazon eco-lodge

The Food


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as a buffet. Guests are called to the dinning room by a member of staff sounding a special call that sounds like a jungle bird.

The food was always fresh and delicious. We feasted on river fish, fresh vegetables (avocado heaven), fried plantain and palm heart salad. A jug of fresh juice from exotic fruit accompanied every meal. Every time, I looked forward to the surprise of the taste. Is it going to be pineapple? Passion fruit? Papaya? Or camu camu?

palm heart

Palm Heart Salad – just add a little jungle vinaigrette

fresh avocado
fresh fruit

Camu camu, by the way, is a sort of a jungle plum, only it is packed with more natural vitamin C than any other food source recorded on the planet. It has some serious antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about the health benefits of camu camu and how you can integrate it in your diet in this article.

amazon eco-lodge



After stuffing our faces with delicious food, we would usually have a choice between visiting the local area and staying at the lodge and relaxing. Both options were equally as tempting, but I always chose the exploring!

amazon eco-lodge
amazon eco-lodge

I will shortly follow up with a post about what you should definitely see while in the jungle!

Spoiler alert: swimming in the Amazon river is definitely one!

amazon eco-lodge

I absolutely loved staying at the Eco-lodge in the Amazon rain forest.

It was an opportunity to detox my body as well as my mind. I was so glad that I had the chance to disconnect from the outside world and spend a whole five days off the radar. I am definitely going back for a longer stay!

Have you stayed at an eco-lodge in the Amazon? What was your experience? Leave a comment below!

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